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    PNG to PDF Conversion

    PDF files are documents that usually contain text, links, and sometimes images. The advantage of saving your documents in this format is that PDF files look the same on any screen. If you create a PDF on your smartphone, it will look the same on a laptop, and vice versa. In fact, it will even look the same across operating systems, so a PDF from a MacBook will look the same on a Windows laptop.

    Meanwhile, files that end in .PNG are images. Image files aren’t great for documents because one file can’t have multiple pages. However, image files can be needed for other reasons. For example, you can upload a PNG to Instagram but you can’t upload a PDF. This is one reason why converting between the two formats might be useful.

    Why should you convert PNG to PDF?

    The best reason to convert a PNG to a PDF is that you want to include multiple image files within one file that can be viewed on any system. For example, if you have created a few different examples of an Instagram advertisement and want to send it to someone for review, you would need to send all the images separately. You could combine them into one ZIP file, but that creates a barrier for the recipient who will need to unzip it.

    Instead, you could convert PNG to PDF and combine all the pages into one. That way, all your image files can be reviewed on pretty much any device with only one download.

    How to convert PNG files to PDF for free?

    Our tool above can convert a PNG file to a PDF. You can convert one image into one PDF, multiple images into multiple PDFs, or multiple images into one PDF. The tool makes this very easy!

    If you want to turn one image into one PDF, hit the “UPLOAD FILES” button and select the PNG you want to convert. Our tool will automatically convert it. Once done, click the “DOWNLOAD” button underneath the image to grab your new PDF.

    If you want to convert multiple PNGs into multiple PDFs, you can simply repeat the process from the previous paragraph. You can save time by uploading up to 20 PNGs at once. You’ll still need to click each “DOWNLOAD” button to get separate PDF files, however. If you want multiple images to convert into pages of one PDF, upload up to 20 image files into our tool. Once the conversion is complete, hit the “COMBINED” button. Now you’ll have one PDF with multiple pages. The images will appear in the order in which they were uploaded.

    If you have more than 20 image files you want in one PDF, our tool can’t do that on its own. However, you can make multiple PDF files for all your images and check our tool at combinepdf.com to create one master file.

    Regardless of the conversions you’re doing, remember that you need to download your converted files within one hour. After an hour, our system deletes all uploads and conversions.

    Is it safe to convert PNGs to PDFs?

    Yes, it is totally safe to use our tool for your conversion needs. We do not touch your original files, so your original PNGs are unaffected.

    Also, our system deletes all content from our server after one hour. Your uploads and converted files will be purged so your sensitive information remains secure.